Do You Need a Getaway?

Hey there! I wanted to share this opportunity with you, my enneagram enthusiasts! We are planning a special getaway this fall that will be perfect for you!

During 2020, my sister and I started a business called “Enneasisters.” We are both enneagram coaches, and love helping others use the tool of the enneagram to improve their lives.

Through this passion we have begun hosting local events to teach, share, and have a good time all centered around the enneagram.

Our next event is coming up! (Well it’s in late October… but now is the time to plan)! It is a getaway all about releasing, resetting, and recharging. We all need that!

Where is the getaway?

The historic Blackwell Hotel in downtown Coeurd’Alene, Idaho.

Not only is Coeurd’Alene a perfect getaway location, but the Blackwell is a luxurious boutique hotel that makes you feel both special, and comfortable.

What Will The Getaway Retreat Include?

Sunrise Yoga


Nature walk

Enneagram training

Group enneagram sessions

Time alone or with others

Journaling and reflection

Healthy meals

2 nights of restful sleep in beautiful surroundings

When is this release, reset retreat?

Grab a friend, pack your bags, and get ready to feel grounded and rejuvenated together!

October 28th&29th

After the busy summer is over, you’ll be looking forward to getting away. Here in North Idaho October is my favorite month! The temperature is perfect for a crisp walk through the color changing trees. The changes outdoors not only remind us it’s time to get cozy, but also to think about the changes we need to make within ourselves.

We grow best alongside those we care about. Grab your favorite people and plan on growing together through a meaningful and special retreat weekend.

Imagine yourself waking up in breathtaking Coeur d’ Alene to sunrise yoga. You’ve spent the night with some of your favorite people gathering around in the beautiful historic setting, discussing enneagram. You did evening meditation and slept soundly in a room with your bestie.

After morning yoga, you enjoy a delicious healthy breakfast, excited about what the day will hold. On the agenda, there is a special nature walk near the famous lake Coeur d’Alene, several enneagram learning and growth sessions, time for reflection and journaling, thinking about who you are and what you are meant for, healthy meals, and evening yoga ending the day like two book ends.

Ah, bliss and serenity. This sounds amazing!

You need this retreat. You deserve to getaway. Your soul is calling for a recharge!

I hope you will join us! This is a rare opportunity that I would love to share with you!

Enneagram Type 5 and Spiritual Practices

In the nature of type five, let’s get right to the point. Fives are good with routine, and getting things done in their own time, and their own space. They appreciate directness and don’t like getting bogged down with feelings. Let’s talk about enneagram type 5 and spiritual practices that will allow them to grow more than they ever thought possible.

Predictability is something type fives love. They like knowing what to expect and having a plan for their day. How does this work into spiritual practices? Having the strengths of planning, researching, and being prepared makes type five more likely to plan and stick to a spiritual practice.

I wanted to make a note of this, because this is a huge positive that sometimes gets over looked. However, we are not going to stay in the type five’s comfort zone. Growth doesn’t live their. We want to seek out growth whenever we have the strength to.

enneagram type 5 and spiritual practices


I know we just talked about yoga on the bonus post last week (you can read it here:)

However… it is worth revisiting, especially for type fives. The two things that type 5 needs most from spiritual practice is:

getting in touch with feelings

getting in touch with their body

Yoga combines these two things beautifully. Specific words are spoken to evoke certain emotions, combined with movement that allows you to connect with your body at the same time.

Type five tends to stay in their head. They enjoy researching, analyzing, and logical thinking patterns. The biggest move for fives is from head to body. It feels uncomfortable and foreign at first for a five to really feel connected and IN their body.

Yoga can assist this situation and make it feel more natural. The words give those head heavy fives something to think about and focus on. They can grasp onto yoga intellectually to begin. This is really a doorway to transformation.

The second biggest move for fives is from head to heart. Information is again, the way to their feelings. Viewing feelings as simply “more information,” can certainly help type five understand and get in touch with feelings. During a yoga practice, many feelings will come up. Welcome them. Get curious. Why am I feeling this way? What is this feeling about, or what is it leading me toward?


Yoga practice incorporates powerful breath that will help fives get in touch with their bodies.

What is deep breathing and how is it helpful?

Many of us forget to breathe deeply. You might catch yourself breathing shallow throughout your day, or even holding your breath by accident. Stress and anxiety cause us to breathe in these patterns that actually increase our stress and anxiety!

Taking just a few deep, full belly breaths can lower blood pressure, and tell the brain to stop releasing those toxic chemicals into our bodies that make us feel stress!

Deep Breathing

Deep breathing involves active, conscious, deep belly breaths that activate the diaphragm and allow for maximum air flow for each breathing cycle. It is also slower, and longer than unconscious breathing, and can be held between intake of breath and the release of the breath.

Breathing also encompasses a vital source- energy. Practicing deep breathing brings more oxygen to your body’s cells, in turn, creating more energy.


There are many benefits to practicing deep breathing. Just to name a few:

reduced stress, lower anxiety, a boost in respiratory performance, promotes emotional well-being, and regulates the nervous system.

Any one of those benefits from this list are worth taking a few minutes to practice deep breathing. The practice of yoga and deep breathing is the perfect fit for enneagram type 5 (and definitely benefits all of us too)! Start your path to well-being with these practices today!

Three to five times a week is a good plan for a yoga practice. I know that those fives out there can do it! get out of your comfort zone and into your body today! Commit to giving this practice a chance! You are worth it!

Thanks for reading!

Want a getaway that includes daily yoga, meditation, and enneagram training?

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