Enneagram Type 7 and Spiritual Practices

How does knowing your enneagram type connect to spiritual practices? Any practice done with intention is beneficial. However, crafting a specific practice according to your enneagram type means your going to get the most “bang for your buck!” Your time will be well spent considering your needs and strengths within your type. Today, let’s look at enneagram type 7 and spiritual practices.

How does this type best connect to a spiritual practice, and what practice will help them grow the most?


Down river practices are going to be the practices that don’t take much effort. Things that come easy to you, are in your comfort zone, or you are already practicing in this downriver style, are not what we want to focus on. I applaud you if you already have a steady, daily practice. Let’s build on it!

Upriver practices are where it’s at! These are the practices that challenge you, that make you uncomfortable at first, and also make you grow the most. You won’t naturally be good at them (it’s okay sevens, you can do these in private- no one will see you)! We know you like to appear to be good at things! This is a no judgement zone.

Sevens are in the aggressive stance, meaning they are moving forward in action. They often “move against” to get what they want, and are always focused on what’s ahead, not the present or the past. A practice that helps them slow down and stay in the moment will be best for type seven.

Daily Nature Walk

There are many practices that allow for a slowness, and a certain keying in to the present. However, sevens need more than simply being still to connect and grow.

A daily nature walk is the perfect practice for sevens. This gives them all the things they need, in all the ways they need them. The solitude helps them feel their feelings as well as bringing them in to the present. They are used to needing company and focusing outwardly. Things draws them both inward and outward as an observer.

Questions & Thoughts to consider during this practice:

What am I seeing that inspires me?

How does it feel to be on my own?

Are there feelings coming up that I have been neglecting or avoiding addressing?

What does it feel like to have my feet contacting the ground in a firm and rhythmic way?

Notice the sounds, sights, and smells all around you. Allow them to pull you into the present. Observe all that is good and life-giving.

Taking it a step further

My constant recommendation for every type- journaling!

This can be done on the nature walk, and would be a great add-on practice to really see great benefits.

Another great journaling tip for sevens:

Keep a feelings journal. On a day to day basis, write down any time you have a big feeling and how long that feeling lasts. This will make feelings seem less scary and help you face them more easily. Naming your feelings is the first step in managing them.

This practice also has the benefit of tracking. After journaling for a while, you can look back on your progress and really see how far you have come!

More reasons nature and solitude are so healing for type 7

Type 7 on the enneagram has a strength line to type 5. This means that it feels wonderful for type seven to move into “five space.” It takes little energy, and feels freeing and relaxing. (all numbers will feel this way when moving into the space of their strength number).

What does “five space” look like for a seven. It allows them to withdraw, go inward, become observers and learners. Nature and solitude really appeals to this side of seven. Time alone can actually recharge sevens when they embrace it in this way. Their connection to type five, helps them become reflective, and contemplative. Sevens need to use this space to grow, explore, and heal.

I hope these ideas are helpful for you or a seven in your life!

Thanks for reading!

Live inspired!

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