How to get ready for Spring!

Here in Idaho, Spring always comes late. Though the sun is shining, snow still covers my lawn and threatens to fall from the sky yet again. But there is an eager anticipation for change, possibilities, and newness growing inside me. How will I make this Spring more meaningful than the last? You may also be wondering how to get ready for Spring!

While it’s been chilly (still in the 20 degrees here), my mind has been running wild with ideas, plans, and projects. This is typical, I am a type 6, after all. We tend to use that head space to think… and plan and overthink. Since the head center of intelligence is my primary center, I take in the world this way.

The “Six” Way

I tend to see things through logic and facts, but that isn’t how I process or interact with the world. I use the other two intelligence centers equally to encounter things in my life: feeling and acting. So I’m taking in lots of information, and then responding with feelings and actions. Productive thinking comes last for me.

Knowing this about myself really helps me understand how I move and show up in the world. It also helps me be a better planner for the things I want in my life. I am also anchored to the present, so if I don’t plan ahead, life will just happen to me. I am always in the present moment, giving my undivided attention where I’m at. Thus can be wonderful, but it has its downside like all “time-anchor points.”

I might spend too long enjoying a conversation connecting with someone, and forget that I needed to start dinner for my family. Most of the things I get done, only get get because they are right in front of me… in the present. I am always putting out the “current fire.”

I want to share with you one of the things that helps me a lot, and maybe it will help you too. Having a place to write down plans, projects, ideas, and even reflections- this takes all of my issues and gives me a reference point! Because I am not future oriented, or past oriented, I need to write stuff down. It also helps my analytical/anxiety side to see things all laid out in an organized plan.

So what am I sharing with you?

A way to get ready for Spring (or anything)!

I have created a beautiful planner that is designed to help me (or you) stay on track!

It has reflection/ journal pages, monthly and weekly planning pages, and my favorite section is the project planning section. This is what I really wanted to share with you. The project section is split into two parts: project list pages- where you simply make a list of all the project ideas you have. The second part: project planning pages- this is where you dedicate an entire page to planning something from your list in detail.

I am so excited about this because it is an idea that I have found really works for me. I am such a list person! And of course, a planner and “pros and cons” writer! This allows me to do all of that is one place, and come out with an actionable plan that isn’t just based on how I feel in the moment.

I hope you will check it out!

Planner Video

You can grab an instant download of the planner here.

If you want the paperback version shown in the video, get it here!

Thanks for reading, and HAPPY PLANNING!

Please let me know what you think of the planner and how you are using it! I would love to know what you like best about about it!