Behind the Scenes of Enneagram Type 5

Type Fives are known for being investigators, the ones who always have the answer. They are witty and wise, planned and pragmatic. But what else do we know about this bookish type? Let’s go behind the scenes of enneagram type 5 and explore the deeper parts of this personality.

Withdrawn Stance

It’s important to know that enneagram type five is in the withdrawn stance (along with types 4 and 9). Stances tell us what center of intelligence in dominant and what center of intelligence is repressed. For type five, the “doing center” is repressed, meaning fives might plan and plan, but never get around to doing or following through on that plan. The type five’s dominant intelligence center is thinking.

The Thinking Triad

Five’s fall into the thinking triad, which is why thinking is dominant for them. They take in information with thinking, and use this center most productively. (they share this center with types 6, & 7). This is why type 5 is probably known as the investigator. They are incredible researchers and love knowledge. They also pride themselves in being able to figure things out for themselves, and want to do things on their own. Their independence can feel off-putting, though they don’t mean it that way.

What else is behind the scenes of enneagram type 5?

This withdrawn type needs their space more than any other type. Having time to be a lone, recharges type fives like nothing else. They have limited energy and make choices depending on how much energy they have to spend.

Behind the Scenes of Enneagram Type 5

Though fives are truly dependable friends, they sometimes forget that they need people. They can easily get lost in their books, studies, or hobbies, and literally withdraw into their own world. A little push from a good friend is helpful to remind fives how much they are loved, and to re-join the world.

A huge strength of the type 5 is their resourcefulness. This includes their massive sources of knowledge as well as their logical nature to make things work with what they have. Their analytical minds thrive on the chase figuring things out. Puzzles and word games are magnetic for these thinkers, but please don’t surprise them.

Fives like knowing what to expect; routines, and schedules are their friends. Surprising them will only backfire and make them unwilling to go along. Measured and logical, fives use their limited energy efficiently before they run out. As expert planners, fives compartmentalize information well. They are capable, independent, fair and wise.

Just a few more secrets hiding behind the scenes of enneagram type 5…

As we talked about earlier, fives are chiefly independent. They pride themselves in being capable and doing it on their own. But what about loved ones, friends, and relationships? If you are in a relationship with a five, count yourself lucky. They chose you out of the crowd, and most likely will value you for life. Enneagram fives take giving affection seriously, as it takes high risk for them, and costs them precious energy.

It is also rare for a type five to reveal any needs of their own, or ask you for anything. Since they feel they can do most things themselves, and fear appearing needy, fives tend not to voice their needs. They also don’t want to compromise the self-reliance they have worked so hard to achieve. If they rely on someone else, they may become dependent, and in turn that person may let them down.

What do we love about enneagram type 5?

Fives are great listeners and problem solvers. We can come to them with an issue and they can see the most logical way to solve it. They don’t cloud issues with feelings, but see through to the heart of things with their excellent observation skills, and deep thinking. You won’t find a more responsible type than type five. Trust them with your life.

Behind the scenes tips for loving a type 5…

Allow them the space they need to thrive and re-charge. It’s nothing against you, they just literally run out of energy.

Be straightforward and upfront in communication. These planners want to know the exact details and expectations, without the fluff.

Be a safe place for their needs. Try observing them for a change, and notice what they may not be asking for. Allow them to feel like their needs matter and you can handle them.

I hope you enjoyed reading behind the scenes of enneagram type 5!

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Behind the scenes of enneagram type 5

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Behind the Scenes of Enneagram Type 4

Let’s talk enneagram type four! This type is known as the “Romantic Individualist,” but there is a lot more to them then this generic title. Today I am going behind the scenes of enneagram type four to tell you what they are really all about!

The Heart Triad

Fours fall into what we call the “heart triad.” This means that fours are feelings dominant. But unlike the other two types in this triad, fours express their own feelings outwards as well as having a very vivid and deep inner feelings center. Fours feel everything, and want to feel everything. They don’t shy away from hard or painful feelings. In fact, melancholy is comfortable for fours. They crave the sad and deep. What others may find depressing, is like warmth and breath to a four.

Fours can be considered intense in all ways. This comes from their deep desire to be authentic and unique. They hate small talk, and would rather discuss the meaning of life, or other philosophical conundrums. In their effort for uniqueness, they will express themselves through the way they dress, what they buy, and how they present themselves.

What else can we learn behind the scenes of enneagram type 4?

Like the other two types in the heart triad, fours are image conscious. Though a four’s take on image has more to do with their core longing to be authentic and unique, rather than to impress or draw attention. All three numbers in this triad also deal with shame which is sometimes related to how they feel about their image. Fours in particular, are constantly comparing themselves to others. And, next to the type 1, fours are the next most likely to fall into perfectionism.

Behind the scenes of Enneagram Type 4

Strength and Stress

Fours share a line on the enneagram with type one, so this may explain part of their perfection tendencies. When Four is in strength or growth, they have the ability to access the high side of type one, allowing them to focus on getting things done, following a schedule, and improving their world.

When type four is in stress mode, they move toward the low side of type 2 causing them to be prideful, have deflated self worth, and need the approval of others.

The Withdrawn Stance

Fours are in the withdrawn stance. This means their orientation to time is the past. They long for what was, and rarely find themselves planning the future, or in the present. They are also oriented inward. Their identity comes from within, and they meet their own needs inwardly. This also means they physically withdraw in order to figure things out for themselves. They will come out of time away from others more energized and at peace, and if a decision needed to be made they will have that figured out too.

The withdrawn stance also makes fours doing repressed. They have a hard time getting going on tasks, especially if the task in mundane. Fours will avoid doing what needs to get done for doing what they want to do or what sounds more interesting. Doing repressed also means that fours think, feel and talk a lot more than they do. They might spend a lot of time ruminating on relationships, and what is missing from their own lives.

Thanks for looking behind the scenes of enneagram type 4 with me! Isn’t this type unique? I love enneagram type fours!!!

I hope you enjoyed this post. Please share it. Encourage a four today!

It is my hope that you live an inspired day!

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behind the scenes of enneagram type 4

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Behind the Scenes of Enneagram Type 2

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The Podcast! Episode 2!

You may know the enneagram type 2 as the helper, but there is much more to them than their strong desire to help others. Today we are going to talk about the many facets of the type 2, going behind the scenes of enneagram type 2 to discover who they really are.

I recently heard someone refer to the type 2, as “the befriender.” I like this name more than the traditional “helper,” name given. The befriender seems more fitting for this type. They are constantly making friends everywhere they go, and hold relationships above all else.

What don’t we know about type 2?

On the surface, type twos appear the most generous. They give without ceasing or wanting anything back. Let’s go behind the scenes of enneagram two. The underlying issue here is that twos actually DO want something back. It is on a subconscious level that they operate this “give and take” contract. They have given to you, loved you, later on, they are going to expect the same generosity and love back.

If you asked a two about this, they would likely not agree, unless they are very healthy and working on these areas. Because all of this is done without them thinking about it, they don’t even realize this is their reality. But the fact remains, they do for you, so you will do for them.


Twos have an underlying motivation to be loved and accepted for who they are. If they give to you, and love you, they think they can earn your love and acceptance. Being in the heart triad, twos take in information with feelings, but there is a distance between themselves and their own feelings. They tend to be concerned with everyone else’s feelings, and neglect their own. They are also slightly image conscious (especially if they have a 3 wing, which we won’t get into detail here).

Behind the scenes of Enneagram Type 2

Why we love befrienders (type twos)

I happen to be married to a type 2, which makes me uniquely qualified to share why they are so beloved. Maybe my view is a scant skewed, but I can tell you…

No one listens like a 2!

When I first met my husband, it was the first time I had felt seen and heard by a boy, ever. Then, of course, I didn’t realize this was part of his “two-ness.” Twos have this amazing quality to give you their full attention. The rest of the world fades away. Their “Spidey-senses” are scanning, listening for your needs, wants, desires, anything they can fulfill. This circles back to their need for approval, appreciation, and ultimately, love.

Though it may come off as people-pleasing at times, two’s are excellent care-takers. They will anticipate your needs before you ask them. Nurturing comes naturally to them, and they want nothing more than to fulfill the needs of those around them. They do this without complaint, and will continue cheerfully serving especially when given even an ounce of appreciation.

Thinking Repressed

Twos happen to be in the thinking repressed stance. This doesn’t mean they don’t use the thinking intelligence center, only that they aren’t using it productively. Most of their thoughts center around other people, and relationships. Things like, “oh, this would be great for so and so,” or “I wonder how so and so is doing… I should go check on them, and bring them a casserole.” These are great thoughts, kind thoughts. However, the two has a hard time focusing on themselves, and what work they need to be doing to improve their own lives.

Being thinking repressed also means that twos orientation to time, is the present. They are in the moment people. They aren’t thinking about the past or the future. This is probably what makes them such good listeners. It can also make them poor planners, and a bit on the spontaneous side.

What Type 2 Needs from us

Type twos almost never speak their needs aloud. This can make it hard to know how to help them, when they are always playing the role of the helper.

An easy thing that goes a long way is appreciation. Let the twos in your life know how much you appreciate all the little things they do for you. If you step back and take notice it is probably more than you realize. Send them a note, or text thanking them for whatever way they recently served you.

Do something thoughtful for them. This may seem obvious, but returning the favor of service and thoughtfulness is really something twos crave. If they are always watching your kids for you, take their kids for a change. Bring them a favorite coffee, or help them with a current project.

Another tip to remember, twos may be the most sensitive type on the enneagram. Because of this, they don’t take criticism well, so tread with caution in this area. It’s nice to use the sandwich strategy: positive compliment to begin (like the bottom piece of bread) criticism in the middle (like the meat of the sandwich) and then another positive compliment to end (like the top piece piece of bread). This strategy works really well in most cases.

Thanks for reading! It was fun taking a behind the scenes look at enneagram type 2 with you! I love all the type twos in my life! They really make the world a friendlier place!

To read an overview of all the types check out The Enneagram Introduction

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Behind the scenes of enneagram type 2

Superheroes and the Enneagram

Being a boy mom, there is just no getting away from SUPERHEROES! In honor of my three sons, their love of superheroes, and Halloween approaching, I thought we could talk about Superheroes and the Enneagram!

This photo of our family is from about 7 years ago, but it is still one of my favorites! I leave it out all year, even though it is a Halloween picture of us all in costume. That’s me as Wonder Woman, my husband, Batman Senior, E is young batman, W, as Superman (which that year he kept referring to himself as, “Supee-batman!”-what a crack-up), and O as Clark Kent. We all love dressing up.

There’s just nothing like putting on a disguise and feeling the freedom to be someone else.

Imagine if we could do that with our personalities? ha ha…

With the enneagram there is no denying who we are, but there is always room for growth.

Let’s explore some of these famous superheroes and their enneagram types. While looking at these fictional characters, you may see yourself. After all, it is easiest to see ourselves when our characteristics are over dramatized- seeing them more plainly than in reality.

SUPERMAN Enneagram Type 1

Superman is highly motivated by seeking justice. He is willing to sacrifice for his desire to save the world and save others from death or harm. He has a strong sense of right and wrong, and holds himself to the standard of choosing right over and over again. As a type one, he honors his commitments by following through. He is orderly, polite, and respectful. His enemies can bring out his anger and resentment, that deep down resonates as guilt for not being able to save his own Father.

note: I realize many superheroes could be typed as ones, because of the type one’s natural sense of right and wrong and need to seek justice. Good versus evil is kind of the name of the game with superheroes, but I tried to go a little deeper and creatively type the most common ones, though they could easily all be ones! ha ha ha! (One to add for sure as a type one in addition to Superman, is Captain America! one of my favorites)!

Spiderman Enneagram Type 2

“Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!”

Type Two’s are known for their eager accommodation, friendly encouragement, and generosity. Spider-Man is always taking care of others, even when no one is taking care of him. He gives endlessly, and sacrifices constantly for those that he loves. He truly wants to help others, and sees this as his deep motivation in the world. He longs to be appreciated and loved for who is really is.

Ironman Enneagram Type 3

The successful achiever (type three’s nickname) is known for getting things done and loving all the attention of the spotlight while succeeding. Ironman fits this to a “T.” He completely embodies the image-conscious three, constantly pointing out his own accomplishments, and drawing attention to how great he is. Type three’s also stand out as great leaders, and concise decision makers. Ironman is an easy choice to lead others in his goal to stay on top and keep the baddies down. Though he can be self-centered and vain, Ironman is a trailblazer whom many will follow.

Hawkeye Enneagram Type 4

This Individualist, likes being unique and a little against the grain. Being authentic is very important to Hawkeye, and expressing himself whether creatively or through the beauty of his exceptional archery. His core desire is to find significance. Though sometimes withdrawn, Hawkeye can extremely supportive and introspective.

Batman Enneagram Type 5

Batman is the king of keeping to himself, complete with his super secret hide out, the Batcave. He is logical and capable, but wants nothing to do with the spotlight, unless of course he is answering the call the his literal spotlight… the bat symbol calling out for his abilities to help Gotham City. Though he keeps to himself, he has no problem standing up for the underdog and underprivileged. He is quiet, yet confident, perceptive, but also needs some time after saving the city yet again , to rest up in the Batcave.

Black Widow Enneagram Type 6

Enneagram six is known for being the most loyal of all the types. Black widow shows this loyalty both to Hawkeye and to the Avengers. She is also using the thinking power of the enneagram type 6 to consider all options at all times, paying attention to detail and scoping out lurking evil or dangerous situations. She is sometimes considered paranoid. This is a very “six” thing. Sixes are always thinking ahead, planning, and seeing possible outcomes. Black Widow makes a great teammate, even though in many cases she would rather just do it herself.

Daredevil Enneagram Type 7

It’s obvious that daredevil is going to get the most out of every situation. He is avoiding his fear by facing everything head on, and going for whatever whims are in front of him. A natural optimist, he is the life of the party. Spontaneous, fun-loving, confident and enthusiastic, he brings the fun wherever he goes.

Wonder Woman Enneagram Type 8

Type Eight is known as The Challenger. Wonder Woman definitely does not shy away from a challenge. She is truthful to a fault, and stands her own ground. She also puts up walls to protect herself from vulnerability, as all type eights are known for doing. She wants everyone on her team to be as strong as she is, and looks down on those showing weakness. She protects those she loves above all. She is empowering, inspiring, compassionate, direct, and resilient. She can also be quick to judge others, and hurt them without realizing it.

The Incredible Hulk Enneagram Type 9

This might be surprising, since the type nine is known as the peacemaker, and Hulk is classically known for “Hulking out.” However, this is a little known nine secret that the Hulk character portrays perfectly. Their anger will be stuffed inward over, and over in attempts to control their outworld and avoid conflict. This backfires, eventually resulting the the “Hulk” explosion. Bruce Banner doesn’t want to morph into Hulk, but when he can control his anger no longer, he has no other option. When doing well, nines are known for harmony and inner peace. I would assume the Bruce Banner character experiences this most of the time.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this fun take on enneagram types and superheroes! We are talking about these two subjects non-stop at my house! Maybe it will INSPIRE your next Halloween costume, but more than that, I hope it inspires your day.

What did you think of the Superhero types? Can you think of others that may fall into some of the Enneagram types that I didn’t include?

Who is your favorite superhero?