The Rarest Enneagram Type

After learning about the enneagram, you may have wondered what type is the most rare of all the types. Are there more or less of certain types in the world? Today we are going to talk about the rarest enneagram type, which happens to be enneagram type four.

Of all the types, there are fewest enneagram type fours in the world. In a way, this is perfectly fitting as well as ironic since fours long to be unique and set apart from others. They would probably be delighted to know that they are in fact, the most different, and the rarest of the enneagram types.

Why are there less fours?

This question is harder to answer. Could it be that culture simply skews the numbers toward other types? Possibly. We have no way of really knowing why there are more of a certain number than another.

What makes fours so unique?

1.Fours like to be unique outwardly as well as inwardly. They value aesthetically pleasing surroundings as well as style and the way they present themselves. This alone will set them apart from others in their own way. They also have a dynamic inner world; a sanctuary safe and strong. This inner world is a place they can explore their feelings, and retreat to whenever needed.

2. There is no emotion that a four finds uncomfortable. In fact, fours embrace all feelings, and can be found contently sitting in melancholy or delight. Unlike other numbers, Fours don’t feel the urge to “fix things.” They can simply be with you in a strong emotion. More than other types, you will also see all the emotions in a four. They can be a dramatic roller coaster with high highs, and low lows.

3. No one is deeper than a four. One thing a four can’t stand is small talk. They want to talk about the things that really matter in life, and they want to know that they matter. What is the meaning? How do you feel about this? What is the purpose of life? They want to deep dive into the heart of the matter, and leave all that surface stuff which feels “fake-y” behind. Religion, politics, existential crisis… fours are always ready for these conversations.

Are you a type four? Do you know a type four?

I hope this helped you understand the rarest type on the enneagram. We love those fours!

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