It’s Okay Self-Care Poster (Enneagram Types)


This positive poster helps us remember what is important, and not to be so hard on ourselves. Self-care means we can then take care of others, after we have shown ourselves proper love and nurturing.

The messages are simple and to the point in a beautiful rainbow-like fade.


We all need a reminder sometimes not to be so hard on ourselves. Having a visual of positive messages is great way to give ourselves (and others ) a little SELF-CARE!

These 9 reminders that it’s okay… specifically align with the 9 enneagram types and the thoughts, needs, and expectations of each type. However, even those who don’t know the enneagram will be uplifted by the positive reminders that it’s okay…

To be yourself

To Make Mistakes

To Not Be Okay…

along with the rest.

Words are powerful! And these words come on a beautiful poster! You could print this out or send it digitally to a friend who is having a rough day! Possibilities are endless!


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