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Harry Potter and The Enneagram (Types 8 & 9)

Have you ever wondered what enneagram type the characters from Harry Potter are? Well we are discussing all 9 types on the enneagram through the Harry Potter series!

Harry Potter and The Enneagram (types 5, 6, &7)

We are continuing our series on Harry Potter and the enneagram with types 5, 6, & 7! I am enjoying this series extensively and I hope you are too! Seeing the types through fictional characters often helps us see ourselves more clearly, and others too. It’s that aha moment of, “ oh, so that’s whatContinue reading “Harry Potter and The Enneagram (types 5, 6, &7)”

It’s Okay

Do you ever feel like you aren’t enough? Like no matter what you do, it could have been better, you could have shown up in a way that people need you to, or put more thought into the moment? It’s okay. You’re not alone. We all have moments everyday when we let ourselves down. IContinue reading “It’s Okay”

Fall Daydreaming

I’ve been “Fall Daydreaming,” for weeks, but now that it’s around the corner, I just can’t wait! It’s my favorite season! And to celebrate, I’ve made a fun Fall Checklist to share with you! Grab your FREE Fall Checklist Here! Mark one thing off your list by reading the poem below. October BY ROBERT FROST OContinue reading “Fall Daydreaming”


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Hey There!

I’m glad you’re here! I hope you stick around and enjoy reading about your enneagram type, and maybe someone else’s type too! I love learning about people. I have endless curiosities for what motivates us, and why the same behavior can come from completely different places inside each of us. The enneagram has quickly become my favorite tool for understanding myself and others. I hope it brings you inspiration too!

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