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Who Are You? Enneagram Personality Guide

The Rarest Enneagram Type

After learning about the enneagram, you may have wondered what type is the most rare of all the types. Are there more or less of certain types in the world? Today we are going to talk about the rarest enneagram type, which happens to be enneagram type four. Of all the types, there are fewest…

3 Tips to a Better Community

Community is about the whole, you and them. This reciprocal relationship is vital to our personal well-being and success in life. Our deepest longings have to do with being known, accepted, heard, and loved. None of these things can happen without community. You can’t do life well all on your own.

How do you make decisions based on your enneagram type?

How you make decisions is based on your enneagram type and your core motivations and fears. Find out more today.


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I’m glad you’re here! I hope you stick around and enjoy reading about your enneagram type, and maybe someone else’s type too! I love learning about people. I have endless curiosities for what motivates us, and why the same behavior can come from completely different places inside each of us. The enneagram has quickly become my favorite tool for understanding myself and others. I hope it brings you inspiration too!

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