Everyone Needs the Enneagram

Did you know that the enneagram is widely used and credited for helping thousands of individuals and company’s better themselves? It’s true, this ancient tool of wisdom is providing professionals, and everyday people with the help they need to be successful at life! Everyone needs the enneagram! Check out this article from Forbes explaining the enneagram and how it is changing the game for many.

Click here to read the Forbes article.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the Forbes article! I guess I’m not the only one obsessed with the power of the enneagram! Their article is “just the basics,” but it hits on some great major points.

Why does everyone need the enneagram?

Before we understand ourselves, we are walking through life, “asleep.” Our minds, bodies and emotions are in a state of reaction on auto-pilot. We have patterns that repeat themselves over and over, until we make the choice to observe ourselves, and begin the process of awakening. This isn’t a “quick fix,” however. The journey to waking ourselves up lasts the rest of our lives.

Furthermore, our personality is not who we really are. This may come as a surprise, but what we think of as personality is just a cover. It can be thought of as a combination of defense mechanisms we developed as young people to survive. There comes a time when we need to let those patterns go, and grow into our higher selves- who we are really meant to be.

How does the enneagram help us reach our potential?

The enneagram is designed for the purpose of both understanding and growth. Each type has touch points to two other numbers that help them grow out of unwanted patterns and into a new way of thinking, acting and being in the world. It begins by observing yourself just as you are today.

By watching the behaviors and patterns you have now, you can identify your motivations, and in turn your enneagram type. This is the beginning. Getting a handle on your type can take months. It is only after you understand who you are right now, that you can begin to move towards who you want to be.

Psychology Today, refers to the enneagram as a tool for conflict resolution and personal growth. Read their article here.

We all need help in those to key areas of life, and the enneagram gives us the road map guiding through. It looks different for each enneagram type, but we all begin by looking honestly at ourselves and working hard through the things that seem impossible.

Is change really possible?

Yes, change is possible for those who want it, and will work hard to make it happen.For some of us, conflict is the personal battle we never want to face. Other types refuse to be vulnerable, admit they’re wrong, or face their own emotions. These are just a few of the traps and pitfalls we have to overcome. The enneagram helps identify them in a way that feels authentic and pure.

I can’t identify with a problem I don’t know I have.

When I own my enneagram type, I have to own all of it: the strengths and the weaknesses, the positive and the negative patterns. By accepting my whole self, I can begin to work on the things that need extra attention, and lean in the my superpowers allowing them to shine.

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Want to learn more about the enneagram?

Maybe you aren’t sure what enneagram type you are. I have some great tools to help you!

Check out the quiz packet below to get an idea of your type quickly. This is fun to do with friends and groups too!

Enneagram Quiz

Learning about the types can seem overwhelming. There is a lot of information to cover. A simple way to get a handle on all nine types in through my overview of the 9 types packet. Each type has there own page with a simple format, cover all of the basics.

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