Behind the Scenes of Enneagram Type 4

Let’s talk enneagram type four! This type is known as the “Romantic Individualist,” but there is a lot more to them then this generic title. (Pssst… this type is the rarest)!Today I am going behind the scenes of enneagram type four to tell you what they are really all about!

The Heart Triad

Fours fall into what we call the “heart triad.” This means that fours are feelings dominant. But unlike the other two types in this triad, fours express their own feelings outwards as well as having a very vivid and deep inner feelings center. Fours feel everything, and want to feel everything. They don’t shy away from hard or painful feelings. In fact, melancholy is comfortable for fours. They crave the sad and deep. What others may find depressing, is like warmth and breath to a four.

Fours can be considered intense in all ways. This comes from their deep desire to be authentic and unique. They hate small talk, and would rather discuss the meaning of life, or other philosophical conundrums. In their effort for uniqueness, they will express themselves through the way they dress, what they buy, and how they present themselves.

What else can we learn behind the scenes of enneagram type 4?

Like the other two types in the heart triad, fours are image conscious. Though a four’s take on image has more to do with their core longing to be authentic and unique, rather than to impress or draw attention. All three numbers in this triad also deal with shame which is sometimes related to how they feel about their image. Fours in particular, are constantly comparing themselves to others. And, next to the type 1, fours are the next most likely to fall into perfectionism.

Behind the scenes of Enneagram Type 4

Strength and Stress

Fours share a line on the enneagram with type one, so this may explain part of their perfection tendencies. When Four is in strength or growth, they have the ability to access the high side of type one, allowing them to focus on getting things done, following a schedule, and improving their world.

When type four is in stress mode, they move toward the low side of type 2 causing them to be prideful, have deflated self worth, and need the approval of others.

The Withdrawn Stance

Fours are in the withdrawn stance. This means their orientation to time is the past. They long for what was, and rarely find themselves planning the future, or in the present. They are also oriented inward. Their identity comes from within, and they meet their own needs inwardly. This also means they physically withdraw in order to figure things out for themselves. They will come out of time away from others more energized and at peace, and if a decision needed to be made they will have that figured out too.

The withdrawn stance also makes fours doing repressed. They have a hard time getting going on tasks, especially if the task in mundane. Fours will avoid doing what needs to get done for doing what they want to do or what sounds more interesting. Doing repressed also means that fours think, feel and talk a lot more than they do. They might spend a lot of time ruminating on relationships, and what is missing from their own lives.

Thanks for looking behind the scenes of enneagram type 4 with me! Isn’t this type unique? I love enneagram type fours!!!

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behind the scenes of enneagram type 4

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