Behind the Scenes of Enneagram Type 3

Enneagram type threes, are known as the achievers. We usually see them as the charming people that always seem to be holding the lucky hand in life. But there is more to type three than being a successful achiever. Let’s go behind the scenes of enneagram type 3 and find out who they really are.

The Aggressive Stance

The first thing to notice about type threes, is that they are in the aggressive stance. What does this mean? Not only are they a confident, powerful number, but they live life for the future. Their orientation to time is always looking forward, not present or looking back.

This may be why threes have a slight advantage over other numbers at being what they are known for- successful. They are extremely driven, and complete tasks efficiently. These charmers can come off as manipulative. They will stoop to lying and cheating if they are unhealthy, and have chameleon like qualities. Meaning, they become whatever is necessary to reach the desired goal.

Like with every number, the three’s passion is both a strength and a weakness. They carry the heavy burden of being what is needed in the room, while completely neglecting who they really are.

Threes are often disconnected with their inner self because they have spent so much of their lives being who everyone else expects them to be. This issue is made worse when they are praised for being the false self. It encourages them to stay there, and avoid growing altogether.

On a lighter note, threes are generally really fun to be around. They are usually quite popular. Slightly owing to fact that they are preoccupied with image and really great at presenting themselves as the person you want to be around. They have a great sense of humor, and get a long with an array of people.

The Heart Triad

Threes are part of what we know as the heart triad, or the feelings center of intelligence. This means they take in information through feelings. However, they are also feelings repressed, which means they don’t use feelings productively. They get stuck in the cycle of thinking and doing. Feelings get put aside, so they can be more productive.

Threes can easily fall into a work-a-holic situation, without the benefit of feelings to let them know they are nearing burnout. They see how things can be done most effectively and line up tasks to get it all done.

Healthy threes make fantastic leaders. Since they are both future oriented and goal oriented, they have the power to lead with great success. They also naturally form groups of followers which allows them to rely on their team to achieve greatness. This type is inspiring and passionate, and can really make change happen in the world.

Growth Tips for Type 3

Tune into how others are feeling, and their needs. In other words, take that inward focus and move it outward.

Stop putting on a show. People love you for you, not for what you do or how well you perform. Allow that to sink in.

It’s okay to fail. This may be your greatest fear, but it actually won’t kill you. In fact, you will a TON from the experience of failing.

What Type 3 Needs From Us

Words of affirmation… but not about their success and achievements (that’s just cheap flattery). Threes need to hear genuine affirmation that lifts up the deep parts of themselves and reassures them that those hidden parts are good, valued and safe to share.

Support when they fail. Since three’s are terrified of this happening, show up for them when it does. This will help them understand that neither their successes nor their failures define them.

Help them bring up feelings to the surface. Ask them how they are feeling. Word conversations around feelings to help them realize they do feel things.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post going behind the scenes of enneagram type 3! I love all the threes in my life, I hope these tips were helpful!

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behind the scenes of enneagram type 3
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