Behind the Scenes of Enneagram Type 1

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You’ll know an enneagram type one as the type that does things right. And they often let you know the right way to do things too. Today I want to take a closer look at this “perfectionist.” Let’s go behind the scenes of Enneagram type 1 and see what they are really all about.

Though type ones are in the anger/gut triad, you might not see this anger directly. They tend to see anger as a “bad” emotion, and don’t want others to relate that with them. More likely, ones will push their anger down, or fail to acknowledge that they are angry at all.

This stems from their need to be “good” at all times, and even for you to perceive them as good. Though this type is usually self-confident, they really appreciate you speaking into them with acknowledgement of how good they are and all of the great things they do.

Behind the Scenes of Enneagram Type 1

And to be honest, it’s not hard to find a true compliment when considering type one. They fill their lives with making the world a better place. Ones are always looking for ways to improve, not just themselves, but whatever community or place they are in. You can bet on ones putting their soul into causes, and standing up for what is right, and pushing for things to change.

This should make it easy for the rest of us to take notice. However, ones don’t want to fish for the acknowledgement they crave and rightly, deserve. When they go on doing, improving, and perfecting without notice, however… this is where that tucked away anger can creep up. “I am doing ALL of this… can’t you do it too?” Can’t you see how much I am doing well?

The type one’s critical side can be awfully cut throat. They have high standards not only for themselves, but for others as well. They expect you to at least meet them half way. When this doesn’t happen, their judgmental side will come out often fueled by resentment.

“Expectations are resentments waiting to happen”

Anne Lamott

How do one’s keep track of all those life goals and high standards to change the world?

A good “to-do” list!

Type one’s love nothing more than to cross off something they’ve completed well from their never-ending “to do list.” They are chronic planners, and list makers, keeping everything where it should be in space and time, and reality.

Enneagram Type 1 Behind the Scenes

Since this type is “thinking repressed,” they are often living in action and feelings. They Feel and do, and do and feel. Their lists help them feel like they are in control and doing it well. Then in turn, their feelings cause them to add more to their to do lists, and the cycle continues, of doing and feeling. Thinking is used to over-think, or simply ignored to stay in the cycle of control and comfort.

Of all the types, type one is the most concerned with ethics and morality. They value honesty and truth above everything. You can depend on this type for, pretty much anything. They are responsible, always follow through, and have heaps and heaps of integrity. They don’t like to “break the rules,” however they do have a fun side hidden behind the scenes.

Ones secretly long to let go. They would love a day of fun where they weren’t in charge for a change. They share a line with the fun-loving type sevens who are known for their spontaneity, and charisma. This means that with a little healthy nudging, ones can come into relaxation and silliness. In fact, they need to at times, and their is no better medicine then laughter to loosen them up.

If you are a type one, or you love a type one, it’s important to bring some levity to the scene. Remember the power of laughter, and playing. Doing something just for fun, is not type one’s “norm,” but when a loved one can encourage this, it brings out that healthy seven side of type one.

Also, remember not to criticize type one (if it can be helped). This type is already SO hard on themselves. They don’t need any more judgement going on. If necessary proceed with caution, honesty, and integrity.

I hope you have more insight into behind the scenes of enneagram type one! Without our type ones there would be far less goodness in the world, and change would move much more slowly. We are so thankful for enneagram type ones!

I hope you are inspired and encouraged!

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