A Perfect Fall Day

It rained all morning, in that crazy, cloudy way. A welcome coffee in my hand, and open fields to gaze upon in wonder, I took it all in as the gift that it is. Now the sky is filled with billowy, fluffy clouds and sunshine. The wind is lightly blowing some leaves across the ground. It’s as if a collective sigh was made, Ahhh, yes… Autumn, how I love you!

Your crispness comforts me like a well known embrace. You give no expectation other than, show up, and BE.

The gentle changes happening around me, remind me that change is beautiful, and essential. It must happen, but it doesn’t have to be harsh or ugly. The subtle color differential from green to pale yellow, and then the bold move to vibrant vermillion all happens seamlessly, effortlessly.

We are all in different seasons of change in life. And it has often been said that the one thing we can count on in life, is change. May we strive to embrace change like the trees.

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